Hottest 2017 Summer Wedding Trends

​​It’s summertime, and we’re kicking off the fun in the sun wedding season with some hot, new trends!

The Bride’s Perfect Dress
This isn’t new not everyone wants that standard, plain white dress anymore. New wedding dress trends are making their way onto the market this year, and arriving in with a bang... Get ready to bare your shoulders as the off-the-shoulder trend is huge! Oversized bows have also made a huge comeback, along with some sexy, lavish lace dresses up for grabs this year. Want to break the standard white dress tradition? Go with the beautiful Rose Quartz or Serenity for the deal breaker.

Making The Groom Happy
It’s becoming very popular that the grooms want to spruce up their wedding day look with some personal customization. This wedding season try to shy away from the regular black suits, and refashion with blues and/or grays this summer!

Bridesmaid Gowns
Yes, your bridesmaid dresses should match the color scheme of your perfect wedding, but they should also make a statement! Some exotic themes that are making it this year are off-the-shoulder dresses, floral embellishments, detachable skirts, and sparkly finishes- gold or silver.

Wedding Maybe’s

Unique Invites
Invitations are the first impression you present to all family and friends for your big day, and this year the standard invite is no longer in. Customization is everything, so try portraying your day in another way: cute illustrations and bold envelops can be the key to success for this topic. Trying white ink rather than the basic black could also make a statement. Foil stamping, glow-in-the-dark ink, and plexiglass invitations are new and exciting ways to get people to attend!

Going Green
No, I’m not talking recycling. Everyone is going green in the wedding scene this summer in such a cute way! Going au natural is a fun yet enticing way to enjoy your day, and have everyone talking. If you can’t having your wedding outside, bring the outside in! Have potted trees, lush, green plants, greenery table runners, and wedding arches that coincide with the beauty of nature.
Picking your Theme
So, picking out your perfect theme can be a bit tricky when nothing is really speaking to you- maybe try digging a bit deeper. Think about you and your soulmate’s first date setting and try theming your wedding off of something a little more sentimental. You can also try your honeymoon destination- You’re celebrating in Hawaii? The beach, tiki bars, and luau’s can make a perfect theme!

Fabulous Decorations
Decorating your wedding is what really wraps up getting ready for the actual ceremony, and this year dangling decor is in. From hanging a billion flowers, to lights and candles, or stylish swings- this design decor can and will make a statement to everyone that sees it.

Drinks before the

“I Do”
A fun and different way to make your wedding personal to everyone is to have some fun, and festive drinks to celebrate before the celebration! Whether it’s wine smoothies or pre-wedding cocktails, there’s no better way to start a ceremony off right.

Fun Food Presentations
This is your day, right? So why not make everything fun? Nothing says a good time more than fun food. Pizza bars, potato bars, boneless chicken with fountains of sauces, beautiful fruit displays, or fun little sliders. Make your day yours in anyway that you please!
Party Portrait
Everyone likes party portraits, but what about a party portrait live with an artist? Try something different than hiring a photographer- what about a live artist to document your big day with fun sketches that you and your guests can take at the end of the night. 

Image mapping
Looking for a futuristic wedding trend? Try out image mapping! It’s new technology that allows you to bring any space, to your space (or cake) by moving pictures and lighting.

Live entertainment is making a huge break at weddings this summer! Vocalists, acrobats, aerialists, or any bands can make your wedding even more special- anything to entertain your guests.

Tejah Wilson
Marketing Associate
Heritage Event and Catering

Gardening with Heritage Gardens: Hack #1

Various Textures

Are you looking to start a garden or you’re not satisfied with your own? You’ve come to the right place! Here is just one hack of many to come.

Something everyone tends to forget is that texture brings life to your garden. Color and shape play an important role, as they make a huge impact, but various textures make your garden come alive.

There are multiple textures available for your garden: very fine textures to rough and very coarse textures- which you prefer is completely a personal decision. Texture comes in different shapes and sizes for plants.

There are three basic textures for plants: fine, medium and coarse. Several things determine the texture of  plant: leaf size, leaf spacing and gloss levels.

The larger the leaf the more likely that the leaf will be coarse, smaller leaves tend to be more fine.

Now how can you use these textures to maximize your garden?

Hack #1 - Place coarser plants at the front of the bed and finer plants at the back- this will make your garden seem larger and deeper.

Hack #2- Keep the majority of your plants a medium texture. This will keep your garden from looking either too rough or too busy.

Hack #3- Use gradual transitions. While there are three main texture categories, remember there are middle grounds between them. Use transition plants between texture types in order to keep your garden flowing.

Hack #4- Take a picture of your plants, and take away the color. By turning a colored photo black and white you will be less distracted by the color and more able to focus on the texture.

Whether it be the overall plant, or just its blossoms. Texture doesn’t just have to be from the plants, also, adding some cool garden art is another way to make that garden pop!